Bishop Haas Council #4362

Bishop Haas Council 4362 was chartered on April 14, 1957 by Knights of Columbus Supreme Council.  The council was formed based on the believes of The Knights of Columbus Founder, Fr. Michael J. McGivney. 

Bishop Haas Council 4362 Charter Class

The Charter Members were:


C. Allen      A. Amante     D. Anderson   R. Barrette

Rev. J. Breitenstein        N. Bowhuis    F. Cinder

W. DeZwaan    E. DeZwaan    J. Doran      K. Eardley

E. Kris       J. Konowski   N. Lind       R. Merkel

G. Micheals   R. Mouw       D. McNamara   D. Nash

J. Noel       L. Phillips   L. Remenap    W. Rohen

R. Shippy     I. Small      P. Turnes     C. Clark

B. Fisher     F. Gonovese   P. Turnes     D. Hackett

N. Klukowski  F. Martin     L. Monroe     L. McDonald

P. Poma       D. Saladin    C. Schneider  F. Scherbinski

N. Schlosser  R. Stanfield  H. Taylor     Rev. A. Treska

W. Weibel

Ground was broken for our Grand Knights Hall on June 13, 1965.  Several years later the North Hall was constructed by the members thru their blood and sweat.  Both halls stand proudly to this day!

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