We are moving to have Bingo reopen by spring. Our Bingo crew, that have served us faithfully for 18 years have decided to retire. We thank them so much for without them it would not been possible to donate Hundreds of Thousands to charitable causes. As the Knights of Columbus Council 4362 search for members to takeover we are excited to get back to playing your Favorite Games. Thanks for your patience and we will see you all soon!


If you are interested in helping out please contact Dan Weibel for more information at

                                                            Council Bingo

Knights of Columbus

Bishop Haas Council #4362

5830 Clyde Park Ave SW

Wyoming, MI 49509

Phone:  531-9179


Has Bingo every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings.

Early Birds start at 6:30 pm.

We offer the most games anywhere in Grand Rapids area.


Money Ball is a new game starting February 1, 2010.  Every night we will draw a number before the start of the first early bird game.  This will be the "Money Ball".  If you yell 'BINGO' on this number you will receive an additional $50.00. This is played on every game except the Progressive and Jackpot games.  (Multiple 'BINGO's' - the $50.00 will be split between all winners.)


Come out and play the week of your Birthday and WIN MONEY!!   You receive a FREE Dauber, you pick a Special Number.  Every time that number is called you automatically WIN $1.00.  If someone yells BINGO on your number you WIN $50.00.

We play the following games:

2 Early Bird Games - (Double Bingo on one card)

16 Regular Games - straight line, diagonal, 4 corners, top or bottom 'V'

Letter X

Letter T (top or bottom 'T')

Admission Card Coverall

Little Joe (around free space and the 4 corners)

Progressive Jackpot

There is a separate Progressive Number and Jackpot every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Nights.

Jackpot (cleanup)

License Numbers - A21588, A00542, A21182

Per State of Michigan the maximum payout and giveaways (not including Progressive Jackpot) cannot exceed $3500.00 per night.

For more information on any of the events please call

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